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About SURYASOUL® The dance of life

SuryaSoul® – a Dance Of Life – is a conscious embodied live Dance, Movement & Meditation practice based on the Chakra system (the 7 energy centers) and the Tao and Yoga philosophies. It includes inspiring rhythms and music from all around the world, the Nada Genres.


SuryaSoul® (surya=sun in sanskrit) is a combination of tao movements, dance, yoga, heart, music, meditation and lifestyle. It is an open invitation to every Body & Soul, to all “DancersOfLife”. In the Dance we discover our hidden wild nature, to feel alive and strong, to manifest both our feminine and masculine energies.

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We meet our own inner wisdom and we wonder ...

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  • dance journey into the 7 chakra energies
  • a movement meditation with dancing Body Mudras
  • a collective dance shaped as a mandala
  • the marriage of Yoga with Tao
  • when we let joy sing with our hearts
  • from individual expression to commUnity celebration
  • a positive releasing movement practice

My SuryaSoul Vibes …

After my first experience of a Surya Soul class my heart opened up! I felt alive and full of joy and energy! I loved it immediately so much that I registered for the retreat in Bali and afterwards decided to do the whole training with my teachers Sabine & Philipp.
For me it embodies Joy of Life in movement and combines all the elements I studied for many years in Yoga. Offering a beautiful fusion of movements from the Tao, different dance styles and all kinds of music genres.
In September 2018 I completed my training and offer since then “Soma” (choreographed) and “Spirit” (free dance with inspiration) classes. Mainly in Palma, during my retreats, or on private requests (for a celebration, private retreat etc.)
I invite you to connect with your body on all levels and enjoy an individual expression as well as a community celebration with conscious music.

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I do offer Yoga classes online, via “Zoom” (in English, German and Spanish)

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During these challenging times, we all go through, I offer these classes on donation.